it's dogshit spackled in a fag's ass and force fed to you
this whole damn cuntree uhmerica and everyone in it sucks fag asshole dogshit thru a straw

especially the govt and almost the entire population
Top Definition
Uhmerica is a game played by only the most patriotic of Americans.

It involves somebody (usually a homosexual) who stands on a hill. He then proceeds to throw an orange nerf football straight into the air at the ground below. At the ground below, usually stands 2 or more very attractive kids (one must have either glasses or live in California). You are awarded points by the homo on the hill depending on how nice the catch was, or if you made a nice block.

1 Point - Standard catch
2 Points - Running catch or block
3 Points - Running and diving catch or a deflection off of a tree branch
4 Points - Injury involved catch
5 Points - Fastly thrown catch, aimed directly at your balls
6 Points - Faster thrown catch, aimed directly at your head and/or balls
7 Points - Extremely fast thrown catch, aimed directly at your balls
You can lose points aswell as earn them. If you give one of the players trying to catch the ball, "The Buisness" you are deducted 1 point. "The Buisness" is when you are rough housing with another player, pushing, shoving, verbal abuse, or slapping of the buttocks.
George: "Hey are you gonna watch the hockey game tonight?"

Lawrence: "Hell no man, Uhmerica is being shown on CBC, I'm hella watching that"

George: "What's Uhmerica?"

Lawrence: "Oh beans I forgot your from Germany, sorry you wouldn't know Adolf"
by Dinkleberry Dan May 01, 2011
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