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1.) The highest level of adorability.
2.) When an object or individual is worthy of much adoration.
3.) Usually seen or viewed in written form on blog sites and through e-mail, as it is so like its traditional counterpart that it is rarely worth the effort to notice in everyday conversation.
4.) Usually typed in all capital letters.
5.) A word an adult male human should rarely utter in order to avoid embarrassment in social or digital settings.

WORD HISTORY: First coined by PurpleWatermelon, herself, back in mid-2006 in an attempt to express another's extreme cuteness. Uh-door-uh-bull is a good example of a word that should only be uttered if one is female, or a father with a newborn child. At the time of publication, the word uh-door-uh-bull had taken the West Coast of Maryland by storm, with at least one individual using it in everyday conversation.

SEE: Ambrosial, Appealing, Attractive

DON'T SEE: Gigli. That is one awful movie.
"That litter of kittens is the most UH-DOOR-UH-BULL thing I've ever seen."
"Don't Bubba and Tamika make the most uh-door-uh-bull couple?"
by PurpleWatermelon July 24, 2006