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Someone who is so ugly they aren't even worth saying the word entirely.
"That nigga was UGZ!!!"
by Kelly Law (Jude's wife) December 01, 2004
A word that originated in Liverpool means ugly. Used as a joke.
1. Hey ugz whats good?
2. Whats going on ugz?
by Madie April 28, 2005
Someone who looks like Tom Cruise in Vanilla Sky...AFTER his face gets all fucked up.
Fix your fucking face Ugz
by shiesty April 10, 2003
Name of the driver from the former Bangbus and currently with Vivalabus

Also known as Ugly
D. Sanchez: "Ugz! STOP IT, i'm fucking serious!"
by BiGSetH February 10, 2009
1.) Ugly Carlos. 2.) Some nasty ass fool that makes you want to throw up cause his face is so noxious looking. 3.)Some nasty looking beast who thinks he is going places in this world, but really isn't cause of his corroded looking face and nasty looking body.
" May I please speak to Ugly Carlos?" Who Ugz?....No, he's not in at the moment he's probably out thinking he's not ugly at all!"
by I ain't Ugz like you August 12, 2003
A person or thing which is extrememly unattractive or offensive to the eye.

Slang/short version of "ugly"
"Damn, that guy she was dating was ugz!"

"Did you catch the ugz hairdo on that chick?"
by A.H. December 14, 2003
Big Galleon
Pete playing soccer.
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
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