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A term used when a person's brain filter fails to catch a catastrophic social faux pas that causes a relationship to be strained and even terminate. Usually done when acting in a humorous setting, it appears to be harmless at first but the intended recipient either takes it wrong or someone eavesdropping gets butt hurt and starts acting like an ugly baby themselves.
Jaimie:"Hey Nick check out this pic of my god daughter, isn't she just the cutest?"
Nick:"Damn! that's an ugly baby!
Sasha:"What the fuck is he talkin about my little girl for!
Jaimie:"It was a joke..."
by Pally is Funny January 19, 2010
A poor little baby who is ugly as fuck.
Figure.10: "Don't look now, there's an ugly baby behind you!"

Danni: "Oh shit..come on..back away slowly."

*both back away slowly*
by Figure.10 June 30, 2009
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