A word people use when they are utterly

disgusted by you or something/someone else.
People also often use "ugh" when they are lazy, bored or irratated.
Guy1: Hey!
Guy2: Ugh go away you're annoying.
by iamwcw January 19, 2014
An unnecessary word used by whiney girls to help point out how upset they are. Generally used on in texts and on the internet.
God I hate tuesdays! Class from 8-5, ugh....
by thugabread March 17, 2010
A term often used by the Raper Kanye West, composed of a deep sound from the back of your throat almost like you are moaning but all put into one ugh sound.
Ugh bitch, Get off me!
by Lashanawonnika Romika June 19, 2009
This word is actually an abreviation for Ugly, grotesque and hideous! 
This is the simplest way to find out it's defination. Ugly, Grotesque, Hideous, Filthy, Undelightful, etc.
Girl1: Hey Hiba, buddy my hair is soo ugh!
Girl2: Hell no! Maria, my hair is so ugh!
Girl3: You both are Ugh, that is Ugly, grotesque and hideous! Get over with it. 
by MariaAndHiba June 24, 2010
Ugh! or Ugghh! Originally from comic books, the graphic expression of exhalation of breath, when a character is punched in the stomach; now a verb or adjective, meaning (adj) unpleasant, bullying, beastly or (n) to bully, be unpleasant or unkind to someone;

"My elder brother was constantly ugh to me"
"My mother-in-law was ughing me to get a better job"
by piltdown man April 17, 2009


You fucking ugh
by Fedora777 July 02, 2009
means i love you in loser =]
jordan (8:02:42 PM): UGGGH
jordan (8:03:42 PM): ugh ugh ugh ugh
eddie (8:03:54 PM): means i love you in loser =]
by asldfjaisdfia April 28, 2009

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