Its a country in the East African region. its also refered to as the Pearl of Africa. Because it's were there the wondars of Africa are met, such as the River Nile, referred to as the jewery of the Nile. Its Back ground is simple and peaceful and more related to the Baganda tribe, hence the name "Uganda"
Am now in Africa in a country called Uganda, which is the only country with Mt Gorillas in Africa.
by Kiwanuka David Murphy February 18, 2005
Top Definition
Uganda is a beautiful country found in East Africa, landlocked, lots of sceneries, summer all year round. It's capital is kampala, It's Governor is Julius Musenze Glass. currency is the shilling, about 30 million pipo (alot of women...sounds fun, but no). It's magnificent.
"I visited Uganda last year, believe rocks"
by Glass-Shady February 18, 2005
Meaning to peek/look/see/inspect. Derived from "Let's have a gander" which is a commonly used phrase in English slang. It was modified to Uganda in 2014 by the Strange Man and his friends (Dorset, south west England.) Rwanda is also acceptable, but less common.
Take a Uganda
Let's have a Uganda
Let's get a Uganda
Having a Uganda
Uganda at that
by Strange Man Called Seb April 14, 2014
A great place to live if you are an extreme homophobe, known for it's extreme hate of the LGBT Community, forcing all the gays to live in the slums of Uganda.

One of the world's worst place to be gay.
I went to Uganda to talk to and interview the guy behind the Anti-Gay Bill, I told him I was gay, but he sent goons to raid a hotel to find the interview tape, and destroy it along with me. Luckily they raided the wrong hotel.
by SummerFire December 11, 2011
Sex (chiefly British). Term popularized in the mid-1970s by British satirical magazine "Private Eye", which reported an incident on the vessel S.S. Uganda that involved illicit sex with schoolchildren on a holiday trip.
Uganda is news to newspapermen.
by Robert Lee August 02, 2005
Can be used as a descriptive word for a woman with very LARGE saggy flat breasts.
"Her breasts looked good in the bra, but when she took the bra off she had some Uganda titties."
by Burner June 19, 2004
When you get a blow job, followed by fucking in the giner, next putting it in her ass, then the mouth again.
Sandy got a full taste of her ass when the end of the Uganda came around.
by vectors March 11, 2005
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