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A used clothing store that sells their clothes dirt cheap in Hawthorne, New Jersey. It is hidden on 7th Ave, in a warehouse. When you walk in you may not expect much because everything is packed in boxes all over the place but once you sift through a couple you will have found $15 worth of vintage/hipster/unique clothing ($15=3 articles of clothing).

Hipsters often find their wardrobe here but it is not hipster exclusive. At Udelco you can find brand name clothes would cost 50-75 elsewhere but at Udelco it's only a fraction of the price.
"Hey where'd you get those vintage polyester checkered pants that look like you might've pulled out of Elton John's closet?"
"I got them at Udelco of course! For only 7 dollars."
"What's Udelco? Do they only sell weird clothing like yours?"
"No, of course not! Udelco sells everything, it's like Heaven"
by MatthewRawr January 04, 2010
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