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An empowered slut. A female who is aware of, and comfortable with, her sexuality. One who brings grace and beauty to the term "slut".
That Uberslut knows what she wants, and has the power to get it.
by Sassy Gunns February 28, 2005

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The highest possible slut rating; a harsher description then slut, superslut,ass slut,cumqueen,cumsloth, cumdumpster, or gutter slut
Yeah dude, she's an uberslut, I would wear at least 3 condoms if you were gonna fuck her.
by Anonymous December 03, 2002
some bitch who u stupidly keep on geting together with and who just keeps on breaking up with u for no reason, who then goes to ur best friend.
John: My gf just broke up with me again.And shes dating mike.
Me: what an uber slut.
by mike Mikker jones April 07, 2007
1.a women who does prostituting for a living
2.someone on pornhub or redtube that bangs 2 or more people at once
3.a 17 year old chick who is just dating, for sex
4.really annoying girls
5.and a guy who watches porn and jerks off 24/7
OMG! That woman on redtube just banged, like 5 guys!! She's such an uber-slut!!
by ninyan January 16, 2011