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A sleep schedule in which a person sleeps 30 minutes every four to six hours. (This is actually done by some people notably university/college students with dead-end goals, self-proclaimed insomniacs, security guards at places which require little security, etc.)
"I became so addicted to coffee as a student that I'm now on Uberman - and unemployed."
#uberman #ueberman #sleep #insomniac #ubermaniac
by Tojonto June 25, 2006
Derived from Nietzsche's "ubermensch," uberman means one who is fantastic in all ways of life
"I am the uberman!" shouted Jack, the valedictorian basebally player as he hugged his beautiful girlfriend tightly.
by Nietzsche June 03, 2005
What could have been if Kal-El landed in Nazi Germany instead of the good ole U.S.A. (tip of the Hat to an old SNL sketch)
"Uberman, who in disguise is Klaus Kent, a mild-mannered clerk for the Ministry of Propaganda, Fights a never ending battle for untruth, injustice, and the Nazi way!"
#superman #uber #kal-el #krypton #man of steel
by Tiberius1701 February 17, 2006
The strict training of the Uber-man has produced some high-energy gamers and sports persons within it's reign.

The program which you have to stick to is half an hour of sleep every six hours.

This increases your energy, mental and physical health. Once you get over the first week you begin to feel like you have much more energy and not so tired.
guy 1:Dude, James' doing the Uberman soon
guy 2: He'll never last, most don't get past the first few sayd.
#uberman #uber-man #uber man #lack of sleep #superman
by Johnfrusciantejnr November 08, 2010
What Superman would be if he was a Nazi.
"I AM UBERMAN!" - kid down the street.
by Orphans January 11, 2005
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