An overrated liberal arts school located in central Virginia, UVa was founded by slave-owner and womanizing adulterer Thomas Jefferson in 1819 -- seven years prior to his death, and in declining mental health. UVa has flourished since its creation, boasting not only the integrity and adherence to each and every one of its founders personal tenets, but also the dissemination of self-assurance, elitism and lazy thinking. Today, UVa's student body is comprised mostly of over-privileged, cocksure trustfund babies who haven't the vaguest idea of what hard work really is. UVa boasts a top-notch medical school, law school and business school; often, the medical and law schools are referred to as "the sequestered bastions of hard work at UVa." While not entirely accurate, the number of UVa undergrads who lean on the prestige of their medical and law schools are indeed multitudinous. Moreover, the undergrads who espouse this elitist mentality and constantly evoke UVa's academic prestige to placate irrepressible feelings of insecurity, confusion, and even sexual inadequacy, are, ironically, people who could never gain admission to either their law school or medical school -- regardless of how many pairs of loafers or khaki shorts they own.
UVa student: Ah yes, I matriculated to the University of Virginia -- one of the premier academic institutions in America. I see by the garish colors that don your person that you're either a fan of Virginia Tech or an alumnus. Indeed, the latter of the two is probably just as easy as the first since the requirements can be met by any country bumpkin. Although generally laconic, I feel that because of the aforementioned reasons I must be exceedingly verbose so as to impart to you my perceived greater importance. What's more ...
by UVA Doctor January 08, 2008
A top tier school in Charlottesville Virginia. Founded by president Thomas Jefferson in 1819. The school is generally filled with two kinds of people. The people that made all A's in high school and should go to this school (minority). The rest of the school is filled with daddy's little girls and preppy faggots who didnt do shit in high school and have parents who donated a large sum of money to the school and thus got accepted because duh the school wants to make more money of daddy. Its easy to tell the differnce between the two groups even from 100 yards away. The people you see walking around in ties, sundresses and pearls are the students who bought their way in to school, note these students wear these cloths because why wouldnt you wear that if your first car was a brand new mercades and you have unlimited use of your parents platnuim cards? the second group are the students you never see because these are the students that worked their asses off to go to school here and are trying to keep the straight A's. It's a damn shame that nobody seems to understand the the reason UVA is a good school is because of these students are are making straight A's are jacking up the average for the school.
(The fallowing is a normal day at UVA)
Nerd: I am so happy I got in this school I worked so hard in high school to make all A's.
Typical Preppy Bitch: Like OH MY GOD Im so happy daddy paid large amounts of money for me to go here, like Ima go get drunk and then pass out.
Typical Preppy Faggot: Hey there sexy would you like to take a ride in my new porsche? my dad just bought for me last week casue I crashed the Lexus and needed a new ride. Hey you like my popped collar and docksiders yeah im so cool.
Nerd: You mean to tell me that I am the only person who accutally had to do my own work to get in here?
Typical Preppy Bitch: Like who are you and why are you talking to me?
by Brotbest August 14, 2009
#2 ACC Baseball, #20 NCAA Men's Cross Country, #20 NCAA Women's Cross Country, #22 NCAA Men's Golf, #23 NCAA Women's Golf, #3 ACC Men's Lacrosse, #4 NCAA and #1 ACC Men's Soccer (8 years running), #1 ACC and #3 NCAA Men and Women's Swimming and Diving (6 years running), #1 ACC and #2 NCAA Men's Tennis, #22 NCAA and #3 ACC Men's Wrestling, #5 ACC Women's Basketball, #5 ACC Field Hockey, #2 ACC and #7 NCAA Women's Lacrosse, #2 NCAA Varsity Rowing, #4 NCAA Club Rowing, #2 ACC and #11 NCAA Women's Soccer, #3 ACC Softball, #1 NCAA and #1 ACC Seeded Women's Tennis Doubles, #3 ACC and #8 NCAA Women's Volleyball.

T-#2 Public University, #23 International Overall University, #17 Great Value University, #4 Business Program, Highest Graduation and Retention Rate in the world, 6th Architecture School, 8th Law School, 9th Commerce School, 12th English Program, 14th Physics Program, 19th History Program, 4th - 9th best Language Programs (English, Spanish, German, Portugese, Italian), 6th Religious Studies Program, 9th Physiology Program, 13th French Program, 16th Art History Program, 17th Astronomy Program, 18th Classics Program, 19th Psychology Program, 6th Endocrinology Program.

Let's see, we're also the Fittest University on the planet and our graduates are the #2 sought after by employers, #1 being Harvard. Ten of our professors are Nobel Prize winners.

There's more, but I'm tired of writing. All these are current up to September 1st, 2005.
VT Hokie: I hate UVa!
JMU Doggie: Me too!

After graduating from their schools:

VT Hokie: Do you want fries with that?
JMU Doggie: Would you like to add a side salad?

UVa Cavalier: Ah, a six-digit income right out of college is sweet. I'm sure glad I went to UVa.
by Finktacular October 12, 2005
the school you go to if you care about life after college. sure, i guess in the short run it pays to go to the college that wins all of its football games, because then you can brag about your football team to cover up how bad your school sucks, but then what happens after college? yep, you turn into an alumni who sucks balls, probably animal balls at that since you graduated with a degree in some type of farming from virginia tech. do you really need to go to school to learn how to plant things? anyway, students from UVA only seem stuck up to the people that didn't get in. deal with it. go play some football and be proud of your turkey mascot while i make the money and hump your mom...and never call her again.
person who wrote uva definition 1: i hate my life, i am such a toolbag
person who wrote uva definition 3: yeah, me too, and my penis is 2 inches long
person who wrote uva definition 4: i'm just mad at uva because im really fucking ugly
person who wrote uva definition 5: yeah you are, and i wish i didn't take it in the ass so much
person who wrote uva definition 6: i thought you liked it that way? you do go to virginia tech right?
by yeahthatsrightisaidit June 10, 2005
University of Virginia

A school chock full of slamming hot women straight out of the dirty dirty south and is always in a state of crunk.

A school whose graduates instantly proceed to hustle 6-7 figure incomes and vast amounts of bodaciously juicy booty.
Hey look at those two dickless Virginia Tech guys trying to score at UVa and failing miserably. They must have been rejected for being utterly retarded and completely unwashed -- ass babies produced from unfortunate and abominable liaisons between incestuous gay rednecks.
by deez nutz in yo mouf August 24, 2004
the school which students who care about their lives after college attend and is located in the city voted #1 to live in america. people who couldnt get in or people bitter about their economic situation tend to have a problem with uva because the harsh reality that uva students will be their bosses one day. these people have a problem with popped collars, reason being that they arent stlyish or attractive enough to pull it off. they also have a problem with the fact all uva students wear is ralph lauren, etc...; this is becuase they are jealous and cant afford to. once an individual with serious grievances against uva gets over their inferiority complex theyll see that while they may not be able to make a future for themselves, uva grads will be there to provide a job for them some day.
and just in case the above wasnt evidence enough to prove uvas superiority:
"Just about every other school in Virginia likes to bash UVA kids for being 'pretentious' and 'snobs'. In other words, they get called out for thinking they're better than everyone else. Well, if you went to the school in Virginia with the most stringent admissions requirements, best overall athletic program, most beautiful campus and coeds, most successful and famous alumni, the most storied social scene, was founded by Thomas Jefferson, and all that happened to be in what was voted the #1 city to live in America, well you'd think you were the shit too."
- ESPN's review of college campuses + Ryan Bitzer
bitter jackass: man i hate uva, theyre all a bunch of preppy, pompous fags.

bitter jackass (4 yrs later out of college): no boss i never had anything against uva, your alma mater is a great school. let me kiss your ass the rest of my career in hopes that i might make a fraction of what you do.
by uva#1 May 04, 2006
okay, it's the:
1) better state school in virginia
2) one of the top public colleges
3) somewhat preppy, but hey, what's wrong w/ that?
4) school that has hot guys
5) that teacher lady in mean girls went there
grandpa: sonny, where do you want to go to school?
sonny: virginia tech!
grandpa: damn thee! - honey, where do you want to go to school?
honey: uva!
grandpa: you can inherit all my money! yay!
by minderella December 26, 2004

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