An overrated liberal arts school located in central Virginia, UVa was founded by slave-owner and womanizing adulterer Thomas Jefferson in 1819 -- seven years prior to his death, and in declining mental health. UVa has flourished since its creation, boasting not only the integrity and adherence to each and every one of its founders personal tenets, but also the dissemination of self-assurance, elitism and lazy thinking. Today, UVa's student body is comprised mostly of over-privileged, cocksure trustfund babies who haven't the vaguest idea of what hard work really is. UVa boasts a top-notch medical school, law school and business school; often, the medical and law schools are referred to as "the sequestered bastions of hard work at UVa." While not entirely accurate, the number of UVa undergrads who lean on the prestige of their medical and law schools are indeed multitudinous. Moreover, the undergrads who espouse this elitist mentality and constantly evoke UVa's academic prestige to placate irrepressible feelings of insecurity, confusion, and even sexual inadequacy, are, ironically, people who could never gain admission to either their law school or medical school -- regardless of how many pairs of loafers or khaki shorts they own.
UVa student: Ah yes, I matriculated to the University of Virginia -- one of the premier academic institutions in America. I see by the garish colors that don your person that you're either a fan of Virginia Tech or an alumnus. Indeed, the latter of the two is probably just as easy as the first since the requirements can be met by any country bumpkin. Although generally laconic, I feel that because of the aforementioned reasons I must be exceedingly verbose so as to impart to you my perceived greater importance. What's more ...
by UVA Doctor January 08, 2008
Best place in the world...as a transfer i've seen other places and nothing beats UVA. I know it gets a bad rap sometimes, but UVA is seriously one of the best places on earth. Whether at the corner or at some random frat, it's fun as sh**anything.
WAHOO for life hahahhahahhah
by ann October 12, 2004
A top 25 school consistently rated as the #1 or #2 public school in the country. A school where 95% of the kids who attend graduated in the top 10% of their high school class. A school where you have to earn your grade, because you're competing against the best of the best.

JMU & VT are both great schools. Virginia is one of the best states in the nation for incredible colleges. But neither are quite at UVA or W&M's level.

UVA - 29-31% acceptance rate
VT - 67-70% acceptance rate
JMU - 67-70% acceptance rate
VT engineer - "I go to Tech, I'm an engineer. Where do you go?"
UVA student - "UVA. I'm a bio major"
Radford students - "Those are some freakishly smart dudes...let's get out of here and go get drunk. Then let's go to a VT football game and pretend like we are Tech students because they're good at football. And we like football."
by gjjr454 December 06, 2011
the university of virginia....a school where all the students look like they just walked out of a Gap commercial. the girls dress like they are forty years old and then guys and arrogant bastards. you wait in line for an hour to possibly get into a frat that plays only madonna and other gay 80's music. basicly, the WORST place to go to college.
Lindz: "I have a friend that goes to UVa."
Kelly: "Oh, he must be a douche."
Lindz: "This is true."
by lindsay December 13, 2004
the school you go to if you care about life after college. sure, i guess in the short run it pays to go to the college that wins all of its football games, because then you can brag about your football team to cover up how bad your school sucks, but then what happens after college? yep, you turn into an alumni who sucks balls, probably animal balls at that since you graduated with a degree in some type of farming from virginia tech. do you really need to go to school to learn how to plant things? anyway, students from UVA only seem stuck up to the people that didn't get in. deal with it. go play some football and be proud of your turkey mascot while i make the money and hump your mom...and never call her again.
person who wrote uva definition 1: i hate my life, i am such a toolbag
person who wrote uva definition 3: yeah, me too, and my penis is 2 inches long
person who wrote uva definition 4: i'm just mad at uva because im really fucking ugly
person who wrote uva definition 5: yeah you are, and i wish i didn't take it in the ass so much
person who wrote uva definition 6: i thought you liked it that way? you do go to virginia tech right?
by yeahthatsrightisaidit June 10, 2005
The University of Virginia was founded by Thomas Jefferson in 1819. UVA is the number two public school in the country and is ranked 23rd nationally at the same level as Georgetown. This beautiful school is rife with tradition and beauty. All one needs to do is walk around grounds on a spring day to see way all of the students at this storied institution love their school. The traditions at UVA are interesting and unique. From streaking the lawn down to the statue of Homer then kissing him on the bum and then running back up to the rotunda to say goodnight to Mister Jefferson to steam tunneling in the underground system of tunnels which brings heat to the buildings around grounds. Students here are committed to learning and improving the world around them. Some famous graduates of the University of Virginia include Katie Couric, Robert F. Kennedy, Tina Fey, Woodrow Wilson, and Tiki Barber. Students can be seen at all hours of the night at the 24 hour University library, Clemons, studying and writing papers. These students committed to excellence, have a no cheating, lying, or stealing policy institutionalized in the honor code and upheld by the honor committee. This single sanction code ensures Professors can trust their students and that students can trust each other. Those members of the University community who cannot abide by the honor code are removed from the University. Most students love the honor code however and would not get rid of something that makes their school unique. The University of Virginia is one of the best schools in the world and the premier undergraduate experience.
Person One: What did you do last night?
UVA student: Pulled an all-nighter in Clemons
Person One: Wow! Why?
UVA student: Because I had a paper due yesterday, another paper due today and a mid-term on top of all that. But I got it all done.
Person One: Wow, that seems tough, especially with spring break last week. You must be really smart
UVA Student: Yup, that's why I go to UVA
by UVAgirl March 12, 2009
The University. Thomas Jefferson's University. Oft disliked by applicants without merit. Stunning history and current status. Oldest engineering school in Virginia. First true public, non-religious college in the United States.

Traditions. Leaders. Class. Thomas Jefferson lives.
You went to UVA? I applied but I could not get in, so I went to (fill in the blank)
by oldstocks November 06, 2007
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