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UTH is an Irish (mostly found in Ulster) acronym standing for "Up The Hoods".

"The Hoods" were originally those who wore their hoods as they partook in scummy yet fun activities such as rioting with the police. When "The Hoods", then saw pictures of themselves in papers such as The Irish News, they would chuckle and say: "UTH".

This has now expanded to the stage where more or less every criminal activity which people see is followed by their loud, ringing laughter and a chorus of "UTH".
* A hooded youth runs off with bags full of money from the Northern Bank*

Crowd of on-lookers: "Go on you boy ye, UTH"
by LoveTheHoods March 28, 2010
Up the hoods. Expression largely used in Northern Ireland to describe support for joyriders. Also can be said: UTJRS. (Up the joyriders)
Boy 1: Saw the joyriders out the other night.
Boy 2: UTH.
by Eli10 January 03, 2010
A demi-god; deity; a very cute high school demi-god
"Oh my Uth!"
"All praise Uth!"
"Uth-forbid it!"
by Anila Rose May 02, 2008
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