United States Marine Corps.
Formed at Tuns Tavern, Philadelphia, PA on November 10, 1775. An elite fighting force that is a branch of the U.S. Navy, which is the only fighting force controlled directly by the President. Meaning that while Congress is deciding whether to send the Army, Navy, or Air Force to battle, the Marines are already on the way. This organization has the lowest budget of all military and defense spending. While the Army and other branches have satelite com. the marines are still making it happen with short wave radios and tins cans attached with string. The English Bulldog is the Marine Corps' mascot. Semper Fidelis (semper fi) is the Corps' motto, meaning always faithful. Honor, Courage, Commitment are the core values. While there are more than a million people in the other branches of military, there are only a couple hundred thousand Marines. This would be why you hear the popular Marines slogan, "The few, the proud, The MARINES".

Marine Corps Recruit Training Depots are located at Camp Pendleton and Parris Island. If a person is in another branch of the service and transfers to the Marines they must go through Recruit Training even though they have been through boot camp before. This gives you an idea of how hardcore, badass, muthafuckin killin machines are made. Tha modern day 300 spartans.

Proud father- You don't want to go to the army son. Join the USMC. Marines, now they're who women want to fuck!!

Terrorist- oh no....it's the Marines!!!!!

Marine- Welcome to thunder dome bitch!!
by SIZZLLIN March 19, 2011
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Top Definition
1. Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
2. United States Marine Corps; the best damned fighting force in the world.
by MGySgt, USMC October 05, 2003
United States Marine Corps
Semper Fi
by CP July 14, 2003
U Signed a Motherfucking Contract
USMC is the greatest fighting force in the world
by The Great Tailor July 13, 2006
United States Marine Corps.

Currently operating as their own branch of the US Military, the USMC was originally infantry for the US Navy. What is not commonly known (even among Marines) is that to this day the USMC is still officially part of the Navy. While they may operate independently of the Navy, the USMC has never technically been made its own branch.

Generally, Marines tend to despise the Navy (as well as the Army and Air Force) and its members, regarding them as inferior. This being the case, pointing out that the USMC is part of the Navy is often the simplest way to anger a Marine. Angering a Marine can be very funny or very stupid. Do so at your own risk.
The USMC is technically, officially, and administratively part of the Navy.
by GAW II July 22, 2008
(1) University of Science, Music, and Culture
(2) Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
(3) Uncle Sam's Mountain Climbers
(4) United States Marine Corps (the world's finest fighting force)
Lewis Burwell "Chesty" Puller, a Summa Cum Laude graduate of the University of Science, Music, and Culture (USMC), always preferred hands-on whoopass to theory.
by FormerMarinefromOregon December 14, 2005
Acronym for:
Marines rock!
by Renee May 31, 2004
1. United States Marine Corps
2. Uncle Sam's Misguided Children
3. Uncle Sam's Mountain Climbers
4. Uncle Sams Marijuana Club
5. Under-paid Sex Machine Co-operators
USMC - Semper Fi
by Andy The Mexican Candy February 28, 2009
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