upside down lol (:
if you are on a tree and you are USD u can see your ancle up in the sky, its okay hahahaha
by ddddda September 22, 2010
School that wealthy-ish parents send their kids when they couldn't get into anywhere good
Kid: Mom I didn't get into any top schools!

Mom: That's okay, there's always USD and Pepperdine.
by Redrabbit7 December 13, 2010
Uncircumcised stinky dick
Girl 1: So did you totally hit that guy last night?
Girl 2: Oh my god no! I told him that I was STD free but he didn't tell me he had a severe case of USD!!!
Girl 1: What's so bad about that?
Girl 2: It looked like an old man's wrinkly arm and smelt like a rotten fish pie down there!
Girl 1: Fuck that's gross!
by mizzenne October 09, 2008
abbreviaton for

Ur So Dumb
boy:"tomorrow i think ima do nothing all day..."
boy: "nevermind i'll just bother you instead"
girl: "hahaha USD!"
by Ro September 09, 2004
The best universtiy in south dakota.....and is the unviserty of SEX AND DRUGS! AND HOW!
I got laid and high at USD last week!
by M October 27, 2003
fuck south dakota, san diego, bitches! University of Spoiled Daughters and Shattered Dreams. You fucking fuck fuck you for fucking saying what you said you should burn in the firey pits of fucking fuck and fucking think about what you've done. Bitchasss mothafucka. (Haha bitch, you just got served!) Dikeass slutfuck biatch!
usd is the shit. it's a country club for good looking white people who like bmw's, cocaine, and dodge stratuses and don't give a fuck about nothin at all. yo soy el capitano naughtypants spectacularrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Go mount Lushmore!
by mudbutt mcfloogins November 21, 2004

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