A country given a bad name by all the politicians, obese people, and whores. Just because the idiots in our country are more outspoken than the idiots in other countries, people assume that we all suck.
Person1- Are you from the USA?
Person2- Yes.
Person1-But you're not fat, dumb, or a slut!
Person2- You'd be surprised how many people aren't actually like that over there.
by EducatedAmerican November 27, 2010
A place where whiny Brits complain about every aspect of its existence. However, when the Euro-Dorks need some assistance, who do you think they call? (AKA The Marshall Plan)

The Brits complain about American imperialism, but did the they forget about their own colonies:

The US, Canada, India, IRAQ, Bahamas, Barbados, Australia, New Zealand, Burma, Israel, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ireland, South Africa, Singapore, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Kuwait, Cyprus, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc.

Americans are fat: How's that year long crappy weather, and the ensuing depression and suicidal tendencies it causes?
...and don't get me started on the French
Brits: Screw those Yankee racist blokes!!! USA sucks!!!

American: How was having the worlds greatest navy, and still not being able to beat a bunch of inexperienced soldiers.
by NCSU_Wolfpack June 18, 2011
Abbreviation for United States of America. A country located in North America. Americans, formally English settlers, now believe that the Earth is divided into America (meaning USA) and the Rest of the World.

Americans are very proud of their nationality and believe themselves to be better then everyone else. They firmly believe in the American Dream, Freedom of Speech (with a capital F and S) and God, while being allergic to the ideas of Communism. Since they are the Chosen Ones, they are not obliged to learn anything about anything outside the US and are justified in invading any place they want to invade.

The Rest of the World hates them with a passion, while listening to their music, watching their movies and buying their products. Complaining about the US is the Rest of the Worlds most favourite past-time activity.
USA: “Do you think we should visit France some day?” - “What is France? Is it in the Ohio?”

Rest of the World: "It's such a nice day! I love absolutely everyone!" - "Even the United States of America?" - "No! Everyone hates America!"
by lenny44445555 April 02, 2011
country located in the western hemisphere. it is the country all other countries wish the could be like! our constitution kicks ass and people in other countries wish they had brains to think of it first so they go on urban dictionary and smash USA because they are jealous their country sucks ass! USA rocks at the olympics and owns football!! hell yea!! and we can stick it to every other country and the sports that they invited and do it ten times better. we work...unlike other countries...we are smart ..unlike other countries...and we have no reason to to creat hurtful definitions of other countries because we arent jealous. our country has accomplished more than many well established countries such as france, britain and etc. we help other countries, even those who hate us, when they are hurting from natural disasters and terrorist attacks. our military rocks and the people are for the most part genuinely kind and accepting. i ventured into other countries and none of which are as diverse in their terrain and in their people!! USA USA USA !! suck it dicks!!
hey did you see Michael Phelps on the USA team!! Damn he's good!! Those Americans are Freakin Beast at everything!

"we the people in order to form a more perfect union, establish justice in sure domestic tranquility! provide for the common defense, promote the general welfare and secure the blessings of liberty to ourselves and our prosterity! do ordain and establish this constitution for the United Staes of America" - all by memory bitches... if you dont like america ...GET OUT!! WE DON'T NEED YOU OR WANT YOU ANYWAYS AND YOU CAN SUCK A COCK IN ANOTHER COUNTRY!!
by americanlover March 01, 2010
The greatest country in the history of man. Helps World, World hates. But we don't care, because we can run your ass over the M1 Abram. First to be called in, last to walk out.
France: FUCK YOU AMERICA! *Germany Invades* HELP US AMERICA!
USA: Meh, ok
by Americantillidie April 20, 2011
A country with problems, although is still the greatest country that has, does, or will ever exist. Bashed by jealous and ignorant European democratic socialists (aka really sneaky communists and people who dont want to work) as well as obnoxious American liberals who became whiney idiots in 10th grade because they were picked on and now have a grudge against the established world. A country whose current president and his predecessor have and had potential but failed quite thouroughly to govern the country. A country that is facing great difficulties and challenges but will persist and thrive no matter what gets thrown at it. The USA is the greatest country in the world.
The USA is nowhere near perfect but is nevertheless by far the greatest country in existance.
by I Wear One Sock May 06, 2010
A once great nation founded on the ideas of liberty and freedom, has now had its reputation tarnished by becoming an almost opposite of what it was founded to be.

Politics is very corrupt and most politicians are influenced by the oligarchy of the military industrial complex or the oil industry.

America was supposed to have a small government that was "for the people by the people" but it is becoming increasingly authoritarian and working for the best interests of rich instead of the majority.

America is a secular country, but "In God we trust" is written on the currency and Christianity dominates politics.
"The USA, land of the free! As long as your a white, male, Christian, hetrosexual"
by Kensai 117 October 04, 2011
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