The USA used to be one of the greatest countries in the world. It was a place for people to escape their home countries and to achieve the "American Dream."
Now this country is spiraling downhill. The government is failing itself and its people. It is trying to keep out immigrants, which is wrong because the country was founded by "foreigners." The country is in a recession, and there is a greater class difference.
The reason why many people dislike America is because Americans can be shallow, ignorant, and downright stupid. So take it from an American, this country needs help.
So how is the USA nowadays? Well,
The dollar fell again, gas prices are up again, and we're putting a gigantic fence around the border to stop people from coming in. That's the American way!
by Saffygans July 10, 2008
1.) A country of immigrants. Though some of the citizens like to forget that.

2.) The proverbial punching bag for the rest of the world. Other countries like to use anecdotal evidence of fifteen year olds and random old hicks on the street as evidence that we're all a bunch of fat, ignorant cows.

3.) Admittedly, some of the worst choices in elected representatives (i.e. GWB) with a slight fetishism for religion unseen in the rest of the western world.
1.) "Man, we need to get all these fuckin' immigrants out of our country."
"Yeah, my forefathers didn't travel miles here, so a bunch of immigrants could overrun the USA"

2.) "Americans are so dumb. Look at them running around with their obesity problem without using the metric system. I met this thirteen year old American once and she didn't even understand the complexities of the situation in Libya!! Obviously we are the intellectually superior nation"

3.)"They misunderestimated me." - George W. Bush
by Americano, yo June 23, 2011
The biggest joke in the world
Dumb yank: 'The USA is the best country in the world'

Rest of the world: 'Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!'
by FuckTheYanks November 02, 2008
USA=U Stupid Asshole
guy1:i lost the map,where shall we go now?
guy2:USA!we are going to die!
by Lichking June 27, 2007
A stupid nation that believed they saved the world in World War II. Actually, they joined just to save themselves from the Japanese, and Europe was doing just fine before they came along, thanks.
European: You only joined at the last minute to hog some glory.
American: ...LAWL SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!!!
by I am The Ben August 25, 2007
United States of Am"Arrogance"
I've never met such narcissistic people in my life. I will never set foot in the United States of AmArrogance (USA)
by Anyone but a yankee January 23, 2009
The homeland of all noobs.
person 1: I live in the USA

person 2: so your a noob?

person 1: sure am
by Tokeism February 27, 2008

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