A country whose main moral justification for existing is its geopolitical policies during the second world war which have somehow subsequently been portrayed as a humanitarian intervention rather than a political long-term strategy for survival.
European citizen: "The USA consistently invades sovereign nations, supports and empowers dictators, sells weapons and advanced technology to rough nations, kidnaps and tortures other nations' citizens, etc. This has got to stop. You're destroying the very democratic values upon which the Founding Fathers created you."

American citizen: "Well... you weren't this cocky when we helped you guys against the Nazis fifty years ago!"

European citizen: "Oh my fucking God, here we go again... your highly praised participation in the WW2 didn't come out of sheer solidarity, you ignorant fuck. I know you guys are short on history, but pick up a God damn history book. The only reason you participated in the WW2 is because you knew you were going to get dragged in at some point. Even your politicians knew that, however, it took a bloody massacre on your military forces before the American public realized it might be in their own interests to fight a growing fascist superpower. NOW STFU!"
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the matted hair around the ass hole of the universe.
they think they are the best but no one likes them. that is the most of the people in the U.S.A
#america #usa #universe #hair #americans
by Dr. Lewis October 07, 2009
The best Country ever the reason lil whiteys in america say it is worst then Europe is because their families have been in the country for generations and dont know the opertunities of a free market. It started modern democracy. But lil Comunist British losers and Canadian Socialist weed addicted homos can go to hell witch they dont belive, or they did but did not think it was right for them so the changed The Ultimate truth so that they did not have to use morals, They also think that all of america is white even though they are more integrated than any other Large scale country.
Oh yeah if Britaan i mean the "UK" then why did they change their name to the United Kingdom, SO THEY COULD BE LIKE AMERICA" Why does britan elect a prime minister and is not a Monarchy, BECAUSE THE EMOCRACY(dont give me that Greek shit I know they invented it , but everyone else became democratic after the US)
Why does Canada think they are awsome, because they suck. I know you think that every republican is ignorant but it is not true and not every american is republican anyway
LilTeenager: the USA is so ignorant the UK is better
Intellegent person: but they created modern democracy
lilTeenager: well Japan is better they arnet ignorant
IP: well Japan does not let people in the contry to keep racial purity and the US is racist?
#real #cool #aewds #sda #ads
by VhLevant January 14, 2010
The u.S.A. is the non cooperate united states of america. there is a difference between U.S.A. And u.S.A. one is incorperated which is the U.S.A. the u.S.A. is the unincorperated one
The U.S.A. is owned by bankers.
However the u.S.A. isent
by ZeroTron April 20, 2005
an acronym that can often be heard in chants.
Chanting people: USA! USA! USA!
#usa #acronym #heard #chant #an
by mrcoolz March 24, 2007
Up-Skirt Action.

The delightful moment when a young lady shows off her knickers and/or poonani due to the happy union of high wind and flowing skirt.

Can also be attributed to short skirtism, especially when skirt wearer is sat on steps, usually eating sushi while reading an emo novel waiting for her next lecture to start.

See also DBA (Down-Blowse Action).
"OMG, the wind just picked up while I was walking down the street, minding my own, and this lovely pre-nugget's dress blew up in the air, and I got an eye-full of whaletail."

"USA, USA, USA, USA" (chanted by a bunch of blokes having just witnessed a wind-assisted skirt hike)
#skirt #voyeur #wind #blow #dress
by voxmortis November 17, 2009
A country that is blamed for everything and thanked for nothing.
The USA isn't a third-world country.
#usa #america #united states #us #united states of america
by No-Nationality July 16, 2008
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