to 'do' (wink wink nudge nudge), to hump, to have sexual intercourse with

see Pallida
"I want to umF Pallida"
by M4nd4 January 22, 2003
Top Definition
Something you say when you find someone really attractive. Often used commenting on photos on the internet.
Girl: Omg, look at that guy!
GBF: Umf.
by tansjord933 January 20, 2012
A Ugly Mother Fucker.
That stupid bitch is such a UMF
by Sean Wade Lewis April 01, 2004
It's an abbreiation for the phrase "Ultimate Mind Fuck". It can have 2 possible meanings:

1. when 2 people unite mentally as well as physically during sex. This is implicated in the 1993 song "UMF" by Duran Duran. The terms "UMF" and "Ultimate Mind Fuck" are not in the lyrics.

2. brainwash, mass deceit, censorship, when several people (as in a cult or an entire nation) are mentally manipulated and hoodwinked and led astray by propaganda, corruption and outright lies and absolute bullshit.
1. Renee and Angela made love last night and experienced union in body and mind. They shared the UMF.

2. In the 90s decade there was a lot of New Age "solutions", shilling evangelists, superstitions, comet cult suicides, Y2K hysteria and other end-of-the-millenium bullshit. Then came the 00s with all its corruption, stupidity and shit and the Iraq war circus. That's one major UMF after another!
by American Seer January 25, 2011
Ultra Music Festival which is an anual Electronic Dance Music and is one of the most popular and most recognized EDM festivals where the mosf popular EDM Dj/Producers perform live to a massove crowd.
"I enjoyed UMF last year, it was so amazing."
by IndianGujaratiChristian July 16, 2014
Useless Mother Fucker
Person 1:Omg you suck at handball
Person 2: What a Umf

*playing Volleyball
Person 1 spikes the net
Person 2: YOU UMF!
by thehanitio December 10, 2010
Useless Mother Fucker
Example 1

*playing handball
Person 1 hits the ball out.
Person 2: Omg you suck at handball
Person 3: What a Umf

Example 2

*playing Volleyball
Person 1 spikes the net
Person 2: YOU UMF!
by thehanitio December 10, 2010
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