The act of having sex with ones mother.
I like to ulf.
by BoDGie December 03, 2003
Top Definition
A badass motherfucker from Dark-Future....
w00t did ULF just kick your ass again
by Pow3rS May 17, 2004
A swedish name / a guy with a very fluffy haircut!
Ulf is teh fluffmeister!
by Anonymous September 01, 2003
Ulf is an old Viking name from 200 BC. From beginning it was Wolf, because of unbreakable streanght and braveness.
He is brave as an Ulf and will never give up
by paffa August 23, 2012
means ugly little fucker
its like elf except with a "u"
its an acronym but should be said ulf not U.L.F
a girl makes fun of you in some sort of way
you reply "hey shutup you ulf"
you can also say this while fake coughing as an ugly girl passes by
by ulf creator July 05, 2011
Indication for being a sarcastic twat
Always being negative makes you really an Ulf.

Are you being an Ulf again
by Mr. right November 08, 2004
Useless Life Form....said by the letters u.l.f not by saying ulf...

1. A person who's life is useless and no one cares about.

2. A waste of a human being
1. "what did you do today?"


"dude, your a giant ulf"

2. That dude is a ulf straight up, hes an asshole and no one likes him
by Spazzykid March 20, 2011
1.an abbreviation for "ugly laughing face" commonly used in text messages or ims. 2.when someone laughs and they be looking crazy usually punching their hand.
"tell me why, my mom got raped by that glass door last week..ulf"
by ~Zo~ July 05, 2009
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