A place littered with rednecks, who wash their pickup trucks every day and can't spell.
"Hey Billy-Bob how do you spell dog???"

"Uhhh I reckin' it be spelled d-a-w-g. Now shut up and let me wash my truck in peace, cuz everyone got a pickup truck at UGA."
by Horns22 July 15, 2006
Top Definition
The University of Georgia located in Athens, GA where female undergraduates outnumber male undergraduates almost two to one!
If you can't get laid at UGA, you're a total fucking loser.
by Rick August 08, 2003
Where Baptist girls learn to drink
Chelsea used to be a good girl until she went to UGA and became a total alcoholic.
by HairyDawg34 February 10, 2010
Pronounced "UGH - uh," Uga is the name of the University of Georgia's mascot, an English Bulldog. Uga VI is the current bulldog. His father, Uga V, appeared on the cover of "Sports Illustrated." A book has been written about this "prestigious family line" which is also the subject of a documentary film.

Upon their demise, the dogs are entombed in UGA's Sanford Staduim.
Uga is one hell of a dog.
by virginia rockford June 26, 2006
Located in Athens, GA.
Home of the BullDAWGS.
Quite possible the best school EVER.
The place where Georgia Tech kids wish they went because Tech is the place where fun goes to die.
UGA means the University of Georgia
by dawgfan June 28, 2005
"The cesspool of the south" Where rejected Georgia Tech students go to drink their problems away. They then justify it by saying there is sooo much pussy there, when in reality, the majority of the pussy there consists of guys who have no future. This "plague" as some call it also extends into the vast Redneck population in the great state of Georgia. It is not uncommon to see UGA flag and a Confederate flag hanging in the same location. (Usually on a Ford F-250 with a lift kit) Those male students who actually have some experience with sex spend their 4-7 years at UGA teaching its finer points to blonde southern girls that will soon be dumping the losers and marrying Georgia Tech grads that can provide them a stable home and future.
Tech student 1: What are those UGA guys doing? They've passed our dorm like 10 times in that truck.

Tech student 2: They're probably disoriented, see, there's no mud around here, and they don't understand these "street" things that we have in cities nowadays.
by anything but Billybob August 02, 2008
The depository for rejected Georgia Tech applicants.....why else do they go trashing Georgia Tech????
The UGA students are just all disgruntled Georgia Tech wannabes!!!!
by Yellowjacket January 21, 2005
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