science fiction cult tv show with cool vehicles and sound effects (especially the ufos themselves)
let's go watch ufo!
by et October 30, 2003
Unusual Fukin Oriental
Ya see them Farrenners o'er thare Tahler,we call them U.F.O's (HHUUHHHUHHHUHHH)
by Lotzie October 15, 2003
U.F.O - stands for U Fuck Off
"jus' UFO will ya?"
by thetree November 29, 2003
union fuking ostrich
union fucking ostrich
by mack daddy February 27, 2005
unidentified ferari-lookin object
sir can u step out the vehicle. i just got a report of a U.F.O. flyin down the hutch.
by real talk May 04, 2005
You fuck off
I'll shut up when U.F.O..
by Yullin June 11, 2015

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