Unidentified flying object as in similar to a space ship.
Your kickstepping legs are ufos, watch out.
by Jord February 14, 2005
Undercover Five-0
Undercover 5-0
Tommy Wright III - Last Alternative
"gotta watch UFO, undercover 5-0"
by $$BlinG$$ April 14, 2008
UFO stands for unidentified Flying Object.It means it is not a Earth transport.
1.John believe most alieans use UFO to other planet.
2.Not every UFO contain aliean,some contain human being from far far away.
by Sam Koh June 23, 2004
elusive flying machines thought to be piloted by extraterrestrials and generally confined in their earthly encounters to areas where the National Enquirer is considered a literary magazine.
well ye haw, look at that flying thingamajig in the sky ma!
by fredo October 22, 2003
Rave Clothing.
"Are you going to wear your bright yellow UFO's to the rave tonight?"
by Diego September 10, 2003
A totally fictional,(gulp), spacecraft that I did not see on the 24th May 2007.

I did not report it to the police because I did not see one.

UFO's are not real. I can seriously... and honestly state... that UFO's are fictional.
Jack: Hey, didn't you see a UFO?
Blake: No.
by Blake, yes... Blake March 29, 2009
(Unidentified Floating Object) After a long night of drinking, you wake up to a stomach rumbling. You have no idea what you were drinking and eating after a certain point, but your bathroom session let's you know damn well that it didn't agree very well.
I woke up hungover and my stomach was boiling with UFO's.
by dav!d February 27, 2008
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