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Noun: Pronounced "UF-Foes".

Acronym for "Unidentified Faction Orientation Syndrome"

When a group of cunts, jocks or sluts support the nameless guy that nobody knows at the back of the class with no friends so they look good infront of the other factions, that said nameless person gets "UFOS" and evolves into a Level 2 "Ufo". He then usually becomes part of the group.

Also, sometimes acronym-ed to "Unknown Fucking Organ Donor" because that's all they're good for really.
Slut: "Hey there honey, what's your name?"

Everyone else: "Holy shit, they got another one. He's an Ufo now."

Teacher: "Everyone please be nice to our new Student, Tom Yung."

Everyone: "Uh god, there's another kid with UFOS... Who's gonna snatch him first?"
by The Udon:|:Suicide Death Panda February 14, 2012
1 3
the female equivalent of love handles. So named because the fat sticks out and hovers around their tummies/hips, creating a shape quite like an unidentified flying object, and also results in the woman being classified as an Un-Fuckable Object. Thus, U.F.O. is an acronym for Un-Fuckable Object.
Wow. check out that U.F.O. She is on fat Biatch. I'd have to drink 3 40oz to go home with her. I'm sure she's got a nice personality though.
by vancityman January 28, 2008
4 6
text for you fuck off. first used in a Johnny Carson episode.
UFO=you fuck off!!!!!!!!!!!!
by ksdbfcsdbvksd December 15, 2010
3 6
Ugly Fucking Ogre, no definition needed
Dude 1: U.F.O. spotted
Dude 2: What a sight!
by salamip February 08, 2010
2 5
Unidentified flying object as in similar to a space ship.
Your kickstepping legs are ufos, watch out.
by Jord February 14, 2005
7 10
unidentified flying object.
spaceships , wierd looking things in the sky , its not a plane , its not a bird... its a u.f.o
by sheldonsavio December 19, 2005
7 11
Undercover Five-0
Undercover 5-0
Tommy Wright III - Last Alternative
"gotta watch UFO, undercover 5-0"
by $$BlinG$$ April 14, 2008
17 22