Unequivocally Fucked Over. Being so incredibly screwed that nothing will even compare to how screwed you are.
Bro, you are sooooo UFO.
by Koldhart101 June 09, 2013
A UFO is a name given to a girl or guy whose hotness or ugliness cannot truly be determined from any distance. They are simply an unidentified fucking object.
Bro 1: Hey, dude, I got a UFO sighting at your three o'clock.
Bro 2: No, she's hot, I think you are mistaken...
(Girl laughs, throws her head back and allows the light to catch her face in a gruesome way)
Bro 2: Oh...it is I who was mistaken. Good call.
by Kelandriaaaa June 18, 2011
Ugly Fat Old

1. Easy target to approach when charging for sex
2. When someone doesn't change their photos on online dating websites and you end up with a UFO.
1. "It's pre-pay day, I need a UFO for some quick cash!"

2. "How was the DILF/MILF?"

"No dice, total UFO."
by AlfalfaFucker July 14, 2014
Acronym for UnFuckable Object. Usually describes someone overweight, unbelievably ugly, or crazy.
-Have you seen Manuel?
-Yeah, man. He's a total U.F.O.
by Satchmo1729125 February 18, 2009
something you scream when you see a very hot guy. its a clever disguise(:
sami: omg! a u.f.o at 12 o' clock!
rachel: oh mahh dayummmm
by mary-marie-ann July 21, 2009
Recieving oral sex while under the influence or while smoking marijuana.
Bitch, you better give me some UFO tonight if you want that expensive ass purse !
by MixTape|KushKid|Basedboy July 26, 2010
the female equivalent of love handles. Caused by belly fat protruding over tight pants. Usually spotted in the summer when women wearing belly bearing shirts are common. So named because the fat sticks out and hovers around their tummies/hips, creating a shape quite like an unidentified flying object.
Whoa, check out that U.F.O.
by I1 December 07, 2007

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