1. Unidentified Flying Object. Usually refers to an alien spaceship that we don't know anything about it

2. Ugly Fat Old. Usually describes women who are well past their days, and even then they probably weren't very hot. They are usually seen in public in twos or threes and the only thing they do is talk to each other no matter the circumstances.
1. That UFO just crashed down in an open field. We have no idea where they came from.

2. Some UFOs sat in front of me at the movie theater the other day and they wouldn't shut up for the whole entire movie.
by tuesday22 July 05, 2012
The sexual act in which a man performs on a woman (preferably someone's mother). First all the lights are turned off for total darkness. Next the man slips a glow-in-the-dark condom over his penis and then begins to float around the dark room; thus giving the effect of a flying spaceship, or other un-identified floating object. The woman then is invited to catch such object with whatever she pleases, i.e. her mouth or other orifices. When the man grows weary of floating around, he then proceeds to crash-land his "ship" into the woman's "Area51”.
"Hey Mitch, I totally UFO 'd your mom last night ! "
"She always loves when I crash my UFO in her. "
by Matty58 March 27, 2008
U.F.O. stands for: Unidentified. Flying. Object.

It's what all the phoney pics and such are all about, aliens, outer space, etc.
Farmer Billy: "Pops, I think I saw myself a U.F.O. last night"
Farmer Tom: "No sonny, there is no such thing as aliens"
by Marauding Master October 27, 2006
Unidentified Frozen Object. When you defrost a freezer sometimes you find a UFO that has been there for a long time.
We defrost our freezer once a year and we discard any UFOs
by kshell April 10, 2010
unidentified forces of surveillance
big brother cameras everywhere, suspected alien ufos that are actually government or corporate surveillance, spy planes, etc.
by ms. becky sue August 07, 2008
Unequivocally Fucked Over. Being so incredibly screwed that nothing will even compare to how screwed you are.
Bro, you are sooooo UFO.
by Koldhart101 June 09, 2013
A UFO is a name given to a girl or guy whose hotness or ugliness cannot truly be determined from any distance. They are simply an unidentified fucking object.
Bro 1: Hey, dude, I got a UFO sighting at your three o'clock.
Bro 2: No, she's hot, I think you are mistaken...
(Girl laughs, throws her head back and allows the light to catch her face in a gruesome way)
Bro 2: Oh...it is I who was mistaken. Good call.
by Kelandriaaaa June 18, 2011
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