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A UDaman is someone that is a wordsmither. This individual simply cannot exist in the normal every day in and day out use of "accepted" english language. As the world changeth, so doeth the words to express thyself. UDamen and UDawomen are modern day word crafting pioneers. They enjoy their craft and are proud to be udabeings. Encourage people to become UDabeings. Eat, live and work with UDabeings.
Jadu: How do you do it?
Vrin: I simply don't know.
Jadu: UDaman, you wordsmithing human.
Vrin: Just can't help it man. I was just born to be a UDaman I guess.
Jadu: You got dat right.
by bbgator February 17, 2009
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a typical wisco greeting between fellow cohorts

an above normal being accelerating over and/or above all

a salutation
dan: i just slid all fours in my jewelry vdub.

lars: udaman
by ottoheimernator February 13, 2004
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