University of California Irvine, a prominent school among the lower quartile of the UC system where the asian population rivals many large scale cities.
"Hey man what school you go to?"
"Never heard of it."
by learn how to drive socal April 16, 2003
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A rising school nation wide in one of the safest, and boring ares of the United States, Irvine, CA. Irvine is an almost perfect suburban city where nothing happens after 10pm.

UCI is also known as the University of Caucasian Isolation for the very small white population.
"So, what school do you go too?"

"University of California, Irvine"

"So, did you get in on affirmative action?"
by Siggy November 24, 2004
University of Chinese Immgrants
"what school do you go to?"
"you're chinese?"
by Kris April 26, 2004
University of Cliftonious Individuals

Located in Irvine, CA with demographics of 10% Caucasian, 90% Asian, and 100% Cliftonian.

Ranked in the top 10 of the UC System
Beast 1: "Dude, where did that Cliftonious individual end up going to?"

Beast 2: " UCI."
by GracedPrecense June 02, 2010
University of Caucasian Isolation. According to the most recent statistics, UCI caucasians are outnumbered 3:1, and are outnumbered by Asians 2:1.
This is Orange County, where are all the rich white people like in the TV show?
by supaflyyoc March 29, 2005
"University of California Irvine."

1. Ranked 40 out of USNews.com's "America's Best Colleges 2006: National Universities: Top Schools"

2. Ranked 4th best UC School in California. (UC Berkeley, UCLA, UCSD, UCI)
"Where do you go?"
"Oh, that's the fourth ranked UC!"
by UCIAnteater April 23, 2006
university of civics and interas
look at all those rice rockets in the uci parking lot
by ucla guy July 01, 2003
A very hard school to get in with an average GPA of 4.0 (2009). Located in orange county, california. UCI is the place where southern california students go after being rejected from UCLA. UCI is ranked as the #4th hardest UC to get into, after UCB, UCLA, and UCSD. The mascot is a giant anteater. The UCI baseball team was ranked #1 in 2009 for many consecutive weeks in the nation. The men's volleyball team also beat USC to become 2009 men's volleyball champions. The school currently has 26 NCAA national titles.
No, I don't go to UCLA, I go to UCI, it's located in the OC near Disneyland!
by macbookguy08 September 14, 2009
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