The University of Arizona
UA won the NCAA March Madness in 1997.

UA and ASU compete in the Duel in the Desert!

UA is Arizona's First University.
by Zona Zoo April 27, 2009
n. Unique/Universal Answer. Not expressed in a emotional way.
Metrosexual: Inge sucks emo dick.
Rocky Point Dude: UA.

Fimbres: UA.
by Alejo Gastelum September 19, 2006
A popular hangout for rich bethesda kids in the heart of the city. Before 8 there are private school boys and girls who think they're ghetto, after 8 the crowd gets HOTT. Lots of times you will spot druggies there...but not to worry, the MoCo PoPo is watching!
Guy 1: Hey do you wanna go to UA?
Guy 2: Yeah what movie do you wanna see?
Guy 3: idiot! why would we go to UA to see a movie?
by ilovebritneyspears March 30, 2005
Originated on the streets of Atown, means "alright", usually used in a somewhat celebratory or happy manner.
"UA, we finally made it into the store."
by Andrew September 12, 2004
the movie theater that's not actually UA anymore its been regal for a while. people go there to hang out and occasionaly see movies. there's a high risk of small children selling knives...
me: this 10 year old tried to sell me knives when i at UA with this guy

by munchy April 20, 2005
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