A grating noise played over the radio when the DJ has decided that s/he is angry with the fans constantly calling in and requesting AC/DC.

U2 has been a known cause of traffic accidents world wide, but in spite of this fact, DJ's still manage to get a hold of CDs filled with U2.

The sound cannot be accurately described but as been likened by UNC Professor, Harold Fiske to "..that itchy feeling you get after getting stung by a bee, were that to be a sound". As a side note: 12% of the population is allergic to bee stings and 30% of that group are deathly allergic.
Tom: "What happened to your car, Sally?"

Sally: "Oh,I was listening to the radio and driving, and after playing 'Back in Black' and 'Hell's Bells', the DJ played some u2 so I hit a tree while having a seizure"

Tom: "Damn. I hate when that happens."
by blocklevelview December 12, 2007
The worlds MOST over-rated band. They are completely fabricated. None of the band members knew how to play instruments. The record label created them.

People tend to think they are good because they look like they are playing instruments live, but they are not.

A terrible band with political views they try to shove down your throat through their shitty music.
Kid 1: WOW! U2 is so awesome!
Kid 2: Actually, they suck you fucking tool.
by PoppaBear March 25, 2010
Stupid band with a dumb ass singer named bono (you don't want to know where it came from) and his guitarist is ugly while wearing a beanie and is still called by his childhood nickname; EDGE. U2 are so full of themselves and think their musc is the greatest thing ever
I am Bono, of u2, I just want to take this moment to thank you for coming, and to say that our music has a godlike feel, a sort of ethereal way that no other music has
by Chester April 05, 2005
without a doubt one of the greatest wastes of opportunity and talent in this century. an incredible shitty and talentless band with a lead singer who cares more about looking the part of the worlds superman than he does about writing even halfway decent lyrics. Bono, the supposed lead singer, comes off as pretentious and self righteous, fancying himself a saviour for the poor, the underdogs, the starving. ranks next to paul weller as the worlds second largest douchebag
U2 is once again trying to save some unknown third world island from starvation. does SST records have any of those "kill bono" shirts in stock still?
by waldo jeffries January 12, 2006
Eh? Best Band Ever? Do yourselves a favour guys, pull your heads from out your'e own arses .They are pretty good thats all! The Best band EVER was the Beatles FULL STOP!!
u2 Are not all that! in fact much of their recent stuff is shit!
by Aye Yer Maw March 03, 2006
A HORRIBLE HORRIBLE BAND. It ranks below linsey lowhan and britney spears's "lesbian kiss" with Madonna. An appropriate summary of this bands talent, or lack there of, can be located at www.thebestpageintheuniverse.net/c.cgi?u=11worst
I listed to U2 last night and i cried myself to sleep after ripping out my hair from repetative lyrics
by gawdeenie March 04, 2005
old man music..plain and simple
no matter how often people may deny it, U2 is one of those bands that your dad listens to to try to trick himslef into thinking he was still young
by musiclovernothippie July 02, 2005
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