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The most overrated band in the world, ever. They had a classic album called the Joshua Tree, which actually was outstanding (but it wasn't even the best album of '87, as that honor goes to Appetite For Destruction), and All I Want Is You was great and had an emotion-stirring video. They had some good singles, too, but no other completely great album. Everybody sucks their asses by calling them the greatest, and the media hypes them up, but they've made a career of making the same mundane, boring song. The Edge has played the same guitar line for years. Bono always tries to act like he is so cool, like when he was mugging for the camera in his sunglasses in that iPod commercial, for one example. He makes me sick with his self-righteousness. Their attempt to rock on the song "Vertigo" sounds like a sterilized and soul-less garage-rock production, as if to say "we want to rock hard, but not too hard that it will drive our fanbase away".
A band like Faith No More could mop the floor with U2.
by ThreeTimesOneMinusOne December 06, 2004
A scientific experiment designed to see how many times people would buy the same song with a different title.

also, the crappiest band ever. I'm sure they have a loyal fan base of gay people. they follow me everywhere, ipod commercials, coke commercials, and they're even played on classic rock radio stations, ? , I wish they would just shut up.
special U2 edition iPod
by clark January 29, 2005
Greatest band in the universe? Passionate lyrics??? What the hell have you people been smoking? Bono thinks he's friggin holy or something.
"Yea, yea, yea, yea..." - U2. Real Passionate, no?
by PunkOrNot July 11, 2005
U2 is just a DECENT band.

they aren't "the bestest band ever like omg!!1!!! and bono is like SO0oo00o hot, thinking of him and his charitable work makes me wet my pants."


they're OK. their music just simply isn't THAT amazing. try listening to some led zeppelin.

and no, i won't call them stupid for the uno...dos...tres...catorce, thing. but i don't get why they just didn't count in english anyway?

and bono, you as one man with big glasses can't save the entire world.
my friend: "yeah, my mom wanted to get rolling stones tickets but i turned her down and now we're going to U2."
me: "......you fucking idiot."
by la dolce vita August 07, 2005
A self righteous band imported from overseas. now mainly serves as an advertising campaing for the democratic party. oh, need we mention they've long since gone soft. i think maddox called it best.
"As sanctimonious as U2 tries to be, the reason their faces are lit during the commercial isn't because they're larger-than-life rock stars, but rather, because they're not. When was the last time U2 had a hit? Or a flop? Or anything for that matter? Their last major release was in 2000, an album which was so inconsequential that merely labeling it as such bumps it into a lesser category of sucktitude (but just barely, so eat shit). If their faces weren't lit up, nobody would know who they were except for the most diehard U2 fans, and nobody cares what they think."


by daniel August 23, 2005
The definition of a shitty band, pure and simple. Two of its members dont have real names, Bono the singer, and The Edge the guiterist. What your parents listen too because they think they are cool, when in fact everytime they play CD you want to step in front of a bus.
Dad: I love listening to U2 we need to play some right now.
Me: Dad U2 sucks!
Stepmom: You just have no musical taste...
Me: Correction you have no musical taste.
by Brotbest June 29, 2009
a very average band that are considred the biggest band in the world. some are under the opinion that they are the best band ever, but obviously haven't heard of the beatles before, which u2 completely rip off anyway.
fronted by a moron who campaigns for everyone to empty their wallets to feed the starving children while shoring up in tax havens and charging hundreds of dollars for concert tickets so people can hear the same 3 songs over and over again, just with different names.
person 1: omg u2 are so awesome!
person 2: meh, they're nothing special. go listen to some alexisonfire.
by bernie petter December 27, 2008