A fantastic band that has created hot, artistic rock for decades - The Joshua Tree and Achtung Baby prove this. HTDAAB is not the only album they've ever made. Bono is a megalomaniac, and a damn good one -one of the last great rock stars. Brian Eno doesn't work with just any old dip$hit.
Anyone who considers hair metal to be great music and/or listens to Motley Crue is not qualified to speak of u2.


Bob Dylan told u2 their songs would be remembered forever. Hell, even Johnny Cash covered "One".


The "uno, dos, tres, catorce" actually stands for the number of studio albums produced by u2. Very intelligent people create these albums, not jr. high Spanish students.
by amusicnerd January 15, 2005
The greatest band in the universe.
"Hey, Joe, what's the greatest band of all time?"

"That's a silly question, dumbass; it's U2 of course!"
by Rentantilus May 29, 2005
An awesome band. You don't have too like them but there is not bad about them to say the suck so don't.
I like U2's music.
by Anonymous May 08, 2003
U2's the best rock group in the world of their music type, period. There's Led Zep in phychadelic rock, ColdPlay in alternative, and U2 in "heroic" rock (as their fans call it).

Formed in the late 70s, U2 have slowly but steadily risen to the very top of rock fame. Starting early with classics like "I Will Follow" and "New Year's Day", they have skyrocketed to global success and stardom. Although, many believe their "U2 Pop" album to be their biggest - only - flop. U2 just isn't cut out for pop, and they realized it soon enough. Thank God.

Other than their wonderful passion for their songs and music, they also - Bono in particular - have a large interest in humanitarian rights. Bono strives to eliminate third world debt and extreme poverty. U2 were also some of the most noticable groups in events like Live Aid (80s) and '05s Live 8. They reportedly stole the show in Live Aid, actually.

U2 are:

Paul David Hewson (Bono) - Lead vocals, rythm guitar, harmonica, stage beast

David Evans (The Edge) - Lead guitar, keyboards & piano, backing vocals, data master

Adam Clayton - Bass, posh incarnate

Larry Mullan Jr. - Drums & percussions, (rarely) backing vocals, humble rebel
'U2 sucks, man. They don't know shit about music.' - Jerk

'U2 doesn't suck, you do. Apparently, they know a little more than you do about music, my dumbass rap-and-punk loving friend.' - Me
by Bumdark March 10, 2007
The best band in the world.

The light at the end of the tunnel of obscene, shitty newage rap-punk-pop-mtv douche.

The band plays with a passion for the music and they actually have talent, unlike most of today's artists who care more about the bing-bing and the drugs.
After 20 years, they're still incredibly popular and still damn good. Right up there with the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, you can't beat U2.
by Flint October 29, 2003
(ECONOMICS) Job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs, as a percent of the civilian labor force.

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics regularly publishes six estimates of unemployment. The others are U-1, U-3, U-4, U-5, and U-6. Eurostat publishes one monthly estimate of unemployment for the European Union, which is approximately midway between U-3 and U-4.

The unemployment statistics for the USA are collected through a monthly Current Population Survey (CPS) (also known as the household survey) and an establishment survey.
As a measure of unemployment, U-2 focuses on workers who must abruptly deal with the loss of income after having lost their job or recently finished temporary employment. It is nearly always more than U-1, but there are occasional exceptions.
by Abu Yahya July 16, 2010
Dublin rock band, uber huge mega stars that are gonna rule the world. They did the live 8 concert.
U-2 is that whitey band from Ireland, that sang "Beautiful Day."
by meommy89 November 06, 2006

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