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what most people call they save 2 letters.
dude, did you see that crazy chick on U tube?
by sarena v. July 02, 2007
short for the well known website "Youtube"
guy1: check out my new video, beat lvl 5 in 1:23!

guy2:k w/e ill utube it later
by demon Klawz February 13, 2009
utube is for people who are just too lazy to write the word you in front of it...In other words it's youtube where you can search any uploaded videos on.
Hey did you see Rihannah's new Video, Umbrella?

Search utube for Smallville's theme song.

Sorry back, was utubing, lol...Watching Piece of Me.
by cuzpix February 10, 2008
you tube - an web page where you can veiw all kinda of vidios that people and companies such as the bbc put up.
' ima utube that' meaning someone will look something up on youtube.

'i put my new vlog up on utube' meaning they put there vidio up on you tube
by necrochou October 16, 2009
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