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Tzilah is a word that is becoming more and more used in modern day culture, however it is unknown to most people. Here are its many definitions:

1. Exceedingly and unbelievably fat.
2. Having big frog-like lips.
3. The capital of the fictional "Fatty Land."
4. A really good sumo wrestler
5. A name
6. Usually sells ice cream cones, a type of ice cream cone.
1. Does this dress make me look tzilah?
2. You're such a bad kisser with those tzilahs that you have!
3. I would never go to Tzliah for vacation!
4. No one can compare to the matser Tzilah!
5. I was hangin' out with Tzliah the other day...
6. Tzilah just sold me a Tzliah.
by ...anonymous.... December 31, 2010
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