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Youngster. Bamba. Chong. Green or Yellow. Moist and Sticky. Wide-open. Those are most of known and common defenitions of IDF soldiers under the Pazam (the IDF's time dimension. time does not exist in IDF. only PAZAM - which is the time which is left untill freedom/the time your'e in the army. If your'e into the standing army as the NCO or officer. then, there's no time at all, and no existence as well) of the following:
- non combatnats are youngsters untill they reace 2 years at least, sometimes 1.5 years as well, but the known consensus is 2 years at least.
- warriors - untill they recieve the sergeant's ranks or first-sergeants.

The common Youngster, also known as "lucidus felicious" or "tzairous majorium", is widespread across Israel, mainly through the boot-camp bases and most of the offices. Morphologicly he is spotted heavily colored in green (by uniform) yellow (by behaviour, cowrdly and by the rules of conduct) and fear. Fear of everything. The bus, the military police, the higher in hirarchy, etc. He is dumb and fearful. He will attend to anything you will tell him and will make any dirty work you think of. You may wake him up in 3 a.m. and tell him - no, order him - MAKE COFFEE, Tz'air!. You may harass him, and almost do anything to him. That's why he is there. In that sense the Tza'ir then learns how to survive, untill he is no longer a Tza'ir - but a PAZAMNIC - manipulative, lazy-ass bastard. and then ofcourse - a citizen.
"Tza'ir! - shut dafuckup and make some coffee, dammit."
"hey Tza'ir..
- but my name is not..
- yeh yeah, tzairush. go and clean the tent cause I said so."
by Tzori June 13, 2011

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