An example of a big black guy that stands behind you ready to place his penis in your tiny little ass while you take a shower in jail.

He is known to punish, and to discipline you with his big, humongous cock.
When I was in jail, my childhood was quickly robbed when this big black guy named Tyrone made me a man.
by Lord David June 17, 2011
Not only is Tyrone a county in Northern Ireland, it is also the name of a small town in Central Pennsylvania that was founded by immigrants from that county.

There is pretty much nothing in the town, other than a Sheetz and a Burger King. They do have a shiny new middle school, and the high school has a three-peat championship marching band (as of 2011). Other than that there are four or five low income housing projects, a lot of drugs, and very few jobs.

Recently there was one bitty claim to fame, as Denzel Washington filmed a part of the movie Unstoppable here. They renamed our town and called it Arklow, then tried to derail a train when it was going down the middle of a street full of houses.

Like it's nearest large neighbor, Altoona, Tyrone has an aging population because people grow up and move out in a real fat hurry. It's a trap though. It sucks you back in. If you've ever lived here, you can't successfully leave for long. You have been warned!
I moved out of Tyrone twice, but the place is a quicksand trap and it never, ever, lets you go!
by Katellan May 12, 2011
Action- (bye Tyrone)
1. dismissal of a guy who thinks he is better moo the next person and always cause problems"
2."An irrelevant male"

3."Random man who is rude or/and unwanted"

Ex. When some random dude enters a conversation without being asked and says some irrelevant comments just to irritate someone or be rude. His name becomes Tyrone and you dismiss him bye saying "bye Tyrone"
Someone post a pic and a story about it and this rude dude decides to say something smart about it just to ruffle some feathers. He then becomes a problem and instead of letting him continue and initiating conversation about it. You simply excuse him by saying "Bye Tyrone"(action)

His real name becomes irrelevant because he is irrelevant.

It's funny and everyone has a laugh.

"Tyrone(noun) ain't so cocky now is he??"

Synonym: Felicia bye Felicia
by sssshhhhaaaa August 27, 2014
A black guy that sells crack, cocaine, weed, LSD, and anyother drug you can think of. He carries around a backpack, filled with drugs and his money. Don't try to approch him, because, you will be in danger of being shot at. He usually hangs around Chicken and Waffle houses because, this is his basic meal of the day.
Yo' watch out for that guy! He's sucha Tyrone!!!
by Carlos LaFonda Sanchez May 12, 2011
A white man who thinks he's black, given this as a nickname by friends because he acts like the blackest motherfucker on the planet, however he's pasty white, much like a Nazi, he enjoys the same music and the same food as most people of black origin in the south do. He's also a very cool man once you get to know him, just get past the fact he thinks he's the blackest motherfucker ever, he's just an Uh-Oh Oreo.
Guy: Look at that white ass fool over there eating Fried Chicken with some Grape Drink in his hand wearing 300 gold chains like Mr. T.

Other Guy: Yeah, that's a guy I know, we just call him a Tyrone.
by TyroneThePro October 30, 2011
Tyrone is slang that is used throughout in many teenagers vocabulary .

Tyrone can be used to describe a variety of metal genres such as metal, alternative metal, deathmetal, metalcore, rapcore, powermetal etc.

It can also be used in modern language as an approval or a compliment, for example, "Dude, this band is so Tyrone!", or "Those girls are definitely Tyrone!".
More Examples: "Wow, that new album is seriously Tyrone!". "Eamonn, that girlfriend of yours is Tyrone!". "I went to the cinemas to see 8 mile, that movie is Tyrone".
by Caleb Browne October 05, 2013
a large tall black man who lurves everyones weave
Ohh gurl Tyrone be loven your weave!
by bellz26 April 29, 2011

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