when someone who is not black calls a black guy that name because they're so angry at him they don't know what to call him
~The DMV~
white guy: Hey Tyrone your holdin' up the damn line!

black guy: Shut the *uck up n**ga! My license expired!
by woobie June 04, 2005
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Proper noun: Tyrone is the general name for a black male whose true name is unknown. Unlike offensive generic names, like Toby or Kunta Kinte, the name Tyrone does not mean to carry an offensive quality.

Also, the term can be used as a unit of measurment in reference to black males.
Tyrone's got a kickass car over there.

Six Tyrones just walked into the party.
by Tyrone Jiggadubz August 07, 2005
An urban legend in the similair vein of Bloody Mary and The Candyman;

Upon stating his name three times into a mirror, Tyrone, a sexually potent African American being of great size and stature appears behind you with what seems to be an instantaneously enraged erect member of abormal size and strength, with which he then proceeds to perform high calibre acts of non-consensual, ill-cultured courtship on you until, as a result, certain death.
Tyrone, Tyrone, Tyrone...
by Lgtrebor October 11, 2007
one of the fucking names that you wont find at those bitch ass keychain stands at bitch ass WildWood
Tyrone: Mom where's my name on the stand?
Mom: ...Well Tyrone you have a nigga name.
Tyrone: Huh?
Mom: Yes, your name along with your cousins Raheem, Rashaad, And Mahamed's won't be up there
by Tyrone Davenport March 05, 2007
a person who is always fucking shit up.
Tyrone: Your girlfriend called, I told her what happened.

Justin: What?! *sigh. Get your shit together, Tyrone.
by bitchimmabamf. July 27, 2011
A big lumbering black man who makes a habit of fucking shit up on a daily basis. Often found getting in the way of important people or running away from policemen.
Tyrone: I lost $1200 on Jeopardy!

Steve: Shit, tyrone! Get it together!

Tyrone: Gosh darnit!
by smushsmush October 14, 2010
the popularity of this name came originally from the white actor Tyrone Power who was a big star in the '30s, '40s, and '50s. It signified an extraordinarily handsome man, which Power was.
from I LOVE LUCY: Policeman (to another policeman who's preening) Well, TYRONE....
by Jundula March 04, 2012
A well handsome young man, knows how to dress and be such a dashing gentlemen when it comes to the ladies. also great at eating that good ol BUTT BUTT!. but never done so. but as the ladies say, His penis game is WAYYYY on point!.
Kim: where's tyrone, i heard he got that good head game.
Nesha: yeah i heard so to, but he only do it sometimes.
Kim: oh well, i just want to get banged by him for the most part.

Tyrone:What's good with that 3some.
by iLoCz July 14, 2012

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