A girl that's loud and don't care. She will make you laugh in-till you cry ,

she a shy girl but once you get to know her she will open up. Tyra; mostly known as a tall ,

pretty dancer and athletic: Also tyras can have big buttocks
Loud Tyra twerking tyra
by loud and crazy December 15, 2013
She's really likeable and not just because of her wc3 skills :)
TyRa- AT? Because of your skills then
by sugarcake December 29, 2003
A Nice, Thick, Cute, And Smart Girl
You're Friend Tyra Should Come To The Pool Party.
by Qveen Rara November 27, 2015
1. To take a topic that has nothing to do with you and suddenly make it about you for no apparent reason.
"Hey, my brothers in the hospital and I'm really upset..."
"OH really, once I got a splinter and I went to MY doctor and MY doctor told ME that I was beautiful and then I started modeling and I always thought that everything should be about ME ME ME."
"Why would you tyra this conversation?"
by Alalalalalalala December 22, 2008
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