Typothermia is the condition when one:

makes repeated typographical errors on keyboard (especially on a small keyboard, such as a mobile phone, BlackBerry, iPhone & c


cannot use a touch-sensitive screen

or both

because of cold climatic conditions when one's fingers become too numb.
It's so cold that I keep misspelling words as I tweet. Yes, I'm suffering from 'typothermia.'
by Roo December 20, 2010
An online illness that can be spread from the "typoer" to all those around him/her. Usually started off by one person whom had miss-typed a single word, and had somebody else try to laugh at them and "point the finger" but they ended up fucking their words up even more than the first guy did. Very contagious, especially among those who are new to whatever it is they are doing which involves Internet usage, most commonly chat rooms and online games.

Symptoms may vary, but often include severe headaches and the lose of control over ones fingers and thumbs. In rare cases the victim suffers by losing the will to type and/or twitching around at their face and neck.
Gamer 1: "Zomg, totally pwned that guy last nigth.
Gamer 2: "Ooops, you typoed!"
Totally random n00b: "roflckaezz funyn crpa oh noes i got tpyotehrmai!"
Gamer 2: "Get it right, it's typothermia, n00b!"
Gamer 1: "Lol!"
by Adam Clement April 16, 2006

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