A powerful figure with the power to smite lesser beings. None can stand in the way of a Tylor on the hunt. This term can also be recognized as a Noob Slayer.
As timmy and sarah fled for their lives, the Tylor was on the hunt for their demon tainted flesh. They could not escape his holy wrath.
by 321go December 16, 2008
Top Definition
the most bangable kid alive, his body is god like and you WILL be jealous of him.
every girl wants to do him.

"oh baby, i just wanna sex that Tylor kid up!"

by saraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! October 12, 2008
one who is known for his witty remarks and his cute and adorable features.

- Also. a great and honest friend, with the loyalty of a thousand soldiers, and the heart of a lion. You, when upon finding a Tylor, should keep him with you forever.
"damn that Tylor! he can be a pain in my ass! But he is SOOO lovable!"
by ThE_wIsE_oNe_Of_FaTe November 24, 2010
someone how is kindhearted, sweet, SEXY, a good friend, and last but not least......BANG-A-BLE!!!!
"That Tylor kid is so sexy i'd totally bang him!" ;D
by ~M30wL0V3r69~ June 06, 2012
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