"Thats What You Get". Used to emphasise why something happened. Thats what you get can be exclaimed loudly or spoken softly.
Upon seeing Simon falling over and hurting himself, I yelled "TWUG!".
by sj2can November 10, 2008
Top Definition
short for "twitter hug"
When @DonnieWahlberg was feeling forgotten he set a goal to receive 1 million twugs.
by XcvX June 17, 2009
The Worlds Ultimate Gamer
Boastfull gamer speak :

"Clive is TWUG" or

"I am T-BO TWUG!"
by Ted1981 August 13, 2011
twitter hugs
sending twugs and twisses to you!
by cleonS June 21, 2009
A young guy who looks like a cross between a twink and a thug.
That Brent Everett is a total twug.
by yagtaluda November 25, 2012
Definition of TWUG: that's what you get. t.w.u.g: that's what you get!
For example, if someone lost a game of footy, you'd say twug (that is what you get, t.w.u.g )
Or, if someone says my hair looks shocking, the replyer could state - twug!!
Another example is, twug, for being a loser.
Synonyms: so there, sucked in, that's what you deserve, karma.

by Jamesy08 November 10, 2008
a hug between twins (twin hug)
The Dobsey twins greeted each other with a twug.
by dr.r.song September 04, 2010

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