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Repeatedly and incessantly using salty language on Twitter, either by dint of a habit that one is not aware of or doing so intentionally as a means to some end.

Constant use of the same catchphrase (i.e. 'Shit on a biscuit') or discussion of the same topic ad infinitum can also be considered sign(s) of Twourette's.
He says 'fuck' in literally every second or third tweet. He must have Twourette's syndrome.
by shit on a biscuit April 11, 2009
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1. Condition in which social networkers post incessantly and excessively, to the point of annoying everyone who reads their tweets, posts, or status updates.

2. Condition in which social networkers compulsively curse in their posts.
1. OMG, Rich has Twourettes today! Every tweet was extended with tweet longer!

Geezus, Suzie's FB status was like War & Peace this morning. I think she has Twourettes Syndrome!

2. WTF? Did you see Steve's tweet? He's got Twourettes today!

Steve's tweet: "#$%& my life! I hate all of you mother effers!"
by Zen Diablo February 03, 2011

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