Singular past tense verb representing a message on the micro-blogging service, Twitter.
At 140 characters, that was the biggest twot I've ever seen!
by CaptainAnonymous February 05, 2009
It's an acronym for 'total waste of time', often used on the internet, to describe things (pictures, videos, etc.) that someone wished they hadn't watched.

Refer to: RickRoll.
Well, that was a TWOT.

(Response to a message): TWOT!
by Dutty4u August 04, 2008
the va-j. it is the golden slit in which pleasure for women arises. the love box...or in blatent terms, the pus.
1. My roommate Kristie is such a fucking twot, she can't even spell the word.
2. Put your dick in my wet twot; you make my pus wet.
by schmundy October 29, 2006
The War on Terrorism, what else could people be thinking?
I've had problems with TWOT for the past four years!
by ithinkican November 13, 2005
a word use 2 rub in some1 elses misfortune
haha he fell over, twot!
by Lauren Streeeeeeet August 27, 2007
worst possible insult ever; not like it's bad, but it's stupid. people say it because they dont know any other insult. whoever says this most likely has a twat on their face. its also the gayest sounding insult ever.
nate: you are such a twot.
hannah: oh go clean your douche nozzle with your pubic hair you little gaylord.
by Hannah Banana!! July 09, 2006
Variant of twat, someone who is twattish but not quite that bad. Also used in a similar manner to feck, that is a polite replacement that can be used in mixed company.
That Brain out of Westlife's a right twot.
by crackerwax April 03, 2003

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