A nickname given to an individual that directly relates to the advertising campaign slogan, "Need a moment? Chew it over with Twix."
Let's call him Twix! Seems like he always 'needs a moment,' ya know?
by Jelyssa November 02, 2008
to bail out on...to flake...to leave someone hanging
man forget that bitch she twix on me everytime i try to take her out........

we were gonna double date but the guy started acted weird so we twixed on him.
by kamkilya May 15, 2009
A twenty dollar bill. (A slang word used often in St. John's, Newfoundland)
Person #1 : How much did you pay for that shirt?
Person #2 : About a twix.
by A. J May 26, 2008
When things get weird during intercourse and your partner puts two fingers inside your butthole only to pull them out and lick the "chocolate" off.
"She wanted to get kinky so I twixed her."
"How was it?"
"Grand. Just wish she didn't have Indian the night before."
by Leglobe March 04, 2013
What a hooker with a lisp turns.
Hey baby, how's twix?
by aereilly August 03, 2003
A slang term for Penis
Hey damian dude how big is youre twix?! or
by George and the twins May 06, 2008
Twix; adj: originates from the latin "twixfactus" referring to a person/s who is no longer in control of excretary processes due to unforsen external influences or pressure. (pant shitter)
"oh my god i think he's twixed it.....quick call the twix man...tell him to bring extra sawdust and shovals."
by Pedal A.ttack November 10, 2005
Two fat joints (or marijuana cigarettes for those who somehow don't know what a joint is.)
We can smoke these twix.
by Illinois Joe August 16, 2004

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