A person on Twitter who randomly "follows" people they don't (even) know in real life; a portmanteau of "Twitter" and "whore."
Dude, I just signed up for Twitter and there's this person I don't know in real-life who's following me, along with over 9000 other people. Such a twittwhore.

I'm following over 9000 random hot girls on Twitter. Maybe they'll post their numbers. Hopefully, they won't pay attention to a pathetic twittwhore like me.

I twittwhore because I'm fugly and too scared to befriend people in real life.
by yonam6977 July 18, 2009
Top Definition
A person who spends far to much time sending and/or reading tweets on Twitter
Bob is is checking twitter again. Hes such a twittwhore
by RosalieeeeeHall April 17, 2009
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