1. A person who virtually forces you to join Twitter, although you know you would rather kill yourself.

2. A person who makes you follow annoying famous people on Twitter, such as Miley Cyrus or Ryan Seacrest, although they aren't even themselves, "they" are workers for the so-called "celebs."
1. God, Tim is such a Twittler! He actually expects me to use that giant piece of crap some call Twitter!

2. That Twittler makes me follow Miley Cyrus! Because everyone "loves" listening to what that redneck, thinks-she's-all-that Disney-Star has to rant on about.
by WezzaWezza June 17, 2009
An individual who uses Twitter to spread hate with their followers.
Tweet: "Now is the time to stand up and #fight! Now is the time to #strike!"

God! That guy is such a Twittler.
by MrAlphaKenny1 March 29, 2011

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