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A place for stalkers.
People willingly tell parts of their life, known as "tweeting" and anyone can freely view their posts.
Who's this guy that keeps replying to my tweets on Twitter. He's following me and I don't even know him!
by McMinorrrRocks April 13, 2009
A microblogging site used by over-sharers and narcissists.
Example: "OMG i jus ate teh best sandwitch" (this is about how much typing one "tweet" consists of). How much would most people care? Not one bit. Unless you are a celebrity. Despite all that, Twitter is extremely useful for your favorite bands and organizations to utilize.
Good and bad ways to use Twitter.

Bad - "OMFG dis ashole jus cut me off 4 no reson!!! red camerow evry1 kil kil killl!!!"
See tweeler.

Good - "The DMV will be closed today due to lack of funding. Consequently, all appointments have been canceled. Have a wait-less, misery free day!"
by SamSchlong October 20, 2009
Where most girls find out their boyfriend is cheating

Where most girls stalk their crush/boyfriend
Girl 1: hey did you see Bob post a picture on twitter with Suzy on his lap?
Girl 2: oh god, Miley is going to flip!
by Thejanopig on twitter <3 February 16, 2014
the spot between the twat and the shitter
When my penis fell out I rammed her in the twitter and bent it in half.
by flesheater666 November 04, 2010
Of a lady. The bit of skin between the twat and the shitter. More commonly known as the barse (males). Just like the utterly useless social networking site, this is an utterly useless area of the body.
Higher.... Higher..... for christ sake higher your still licking my twitter!
by poostix December 11, 2009
A website that allows self obsessed people to tell what their doing in 140 words or less. Its a piece o' shit.
I'm in a meeting, listening to people talk about projected stocks for our company in the coming year.

Who gives an F ing crap if you're in a meeting. Twitter is really lame.
by Quazimodo tre tousand May 29, 2009
a useless site where people talk about how they do stuff all the time
"do people with no lives go on twitter?"
"most of people on twitter don't have lives, but some just barely go on there those who just do one thing on twitter only once probably has a life"
by mknkn July 01, 2014
The space between the twat and the shitter.
I was all up in her twitter last night.

I followed that twitter all the way to Kansas.
by m.A.A.d Man June 03, 2013