A place for stalkers.
People willingly tell parts of their life, known as "tweeting" and anyone can freely view their posts.
Who's this guy that keeps replying to my tweets on Twitter. He's following me and I don't even know him!
by McMinorrrRocks April 13, 2009
To violently shake an erect penis, in an attempt to expel the last few drops of semen from the tip after an ejaculation.
She twittered my penis and made spiderwebs all over her face.
by juicy.king April 19, 2009
A useful insult to direct at any person who cannot perform a simple task without declaring as much aloud.
Idiot: "I'm gonna go grab some food."
John: "Whatever."
Idiot: "Going downstairs... where's that lamp?"
John: "No one cares, you're distracting."
Idiot: "I think I'll just--"
by Zaneshift June 23, 2010
A MySpace ripoff piece of shit website that is always useless!
Man 1: Hey, get twitter. It's AWESOME!
Man 2: Fuck twitter. Twitter's gay!
Man 1: Come on, get twitter. It's not gay!
Man 2: It is gay! I have friends who don't need twitter. I don't need twitter.
Man 1: But I have over 120 people following me on twitter! Have your friends to follow me on twitter too!
Man 3: Get a fucking life, you fucking homosexual!
Man 1: Don't call me a fucking homosexual, you hurt my feelings!
Man 3: Well, I just did!
Man 4: Get a life, you fucking degenerate!
Man 2: Yeah!
by CrazyTeddyX July 26, 2009
An act of sodomy in which two male partners jam their semi erect penis' into the others anus simultaneously.
"I hope I don't get a hard on tonight, Lemont and I are going to twitter."
by Merriam Websters Dictionary June 12, 2009
Someone who talks about their or others' life 24/7
Girl: "Today I saw this guy eating a sandwich with HUGE bites!"
"Today my mom yelled at me for not doing the laundry"
"This morning I dropped my waffle! How horrible"
"During break I saw Ben and Jill kiss each other!"

Other: "She's such a twitter"
by masquerraid April 05, 2009
to utter a succession of small, tremulous sounds, as a bird, or titter; giggle. the act of twittering.
He heard the twittering sounds of the girls staring and flirting with him.
by DidiSmooch February 17, 2009
A site people send things to, to prove that they are neither bored nor boring
Twitter - Think about it.
by Dialectic You May 02, 2009
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