A place for stalkers.
People willingly tell parts of their life, known as "tweeting" and anyone can freely view their posts.
Who's this guy that keeps replying to my tweets on Twitter. He's following me and I don't even know him!
by McMinorrrRocks April 13, 2009
the act of fluttering ones eyelashes on another's anus
she sucked my balls and twittered my crack while jerking me off
by team vagg March 26, 2009
the only blog were i didn't understand what the fuck was going on!
I have folowers called Tom Cruise!
What the hell??????
Is twitter a gay porn site for stars?
by nz555 September 28, 2009
The act of smacking your penis on a woman's vaginal area... Pre, mid, or post coitally.
Dude I had to get my Twitter on, so I twittled that that chick after we did the deed!
by SuperDavey May 07, 2009
Social media messaging service for the following.
-"The Sexy"
-Those who keep tabs on real people whom we call friends.
-Celebrities who make claim and believe to be real people.
-Certainly not weird social degenerates.

Usable through various forms of "current" stellar transmissions including:

It is exceptional to the previous form of communication!
I follow all my friends with Twitter no matter what!

Jean Claude - Gawsh... I sure cant believe no one has taken a stab at twitter yet!

Brucie Boye - "I KNOOW!!"
by jergonymous esquire VII March 16, 2009
The proof that some people are hopelessly dumb and self centered. Twitter is probably one of the leading causes of illiteracy in the US.
Friend #1: Did you read the tweet that I just posted
Friend #2: No, I don't need to know what you are doing all the time, I have an acutal life, so I don't use twitter
by fighter2650 June 09, 2011
A place where Twits go, to Tweet.
I signed on to twitter, so, I could tweet.
by Doug klast November 17, 2010
To engage in sexual intercourse or other sexual activity between 1 or more people.
Dude: Were you just twittering yourself in there?
Dude2: Hell no, I had twitter with your mom.

There is nothing hotter then two girls twittering.
by Unit7 May 27, 2009

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