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A person who tweets far too often
That bitch is on twitter all day, what a twitter twat.
by SUEEEEE4UUUUUUU July 07, 2009
A no-life freak who spends all his/her waking hours tweeting, reading tweets, and searching for people on Twitter.
A complete loser.
Becky has become a twitter twat
by mangonzo April 28, 2010
Anyone who "twitters".

This type of individual firmly believes that their mundane thoughts are actually interesting or relevant to those they twitter to. This person wastes time telling others how they are wasting time.
Bill: "Dude, I just got a twitter from Hank telling me he's scoping out some hot women at a club in Reno."

Ted: "He's such a twitter-twat! He'd rather take the time to tell you about those hot women than actually try to hook up with them? Wait... You have a twitter account? You're a twitter-twat, too! Fuck, I need some new friends...!"
by Beech_nuts September 23, 2009
A complete twat , who believes he is adding value to the world by tweeting incessantly about his/her mundane life!

Part of the "Get a Life you Twat" Inititiative
"I had Kelloggs for breakfast ..." What a TwitterTwat!
"My poo is green...." What a TwitterTwat!
by TwatMD June 21, 2010
A new awesome Twitter client made especially for Twats to use.
Cdf12345 "Hey guys, what Twitter client should I use to tweet?"
RockStarr "TwitterTwat, for the sure, since you are a twat and all."
by RockStarrBuffy January 23, 2009
A disease you get from flashing your pussy too much on twitter.
I have to dump my girlfriend.
She's go Twitter Twat, man...
by Master Drakontis October 05, 2010
A person that has zero followers @ twitter.
* Hey yo! How many followers do you have?
- None:S
* You're a twitter twat!
by carlthemonkey April 18, 2009
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