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The combination of Twitter and Comrades, your Twitrades are those people on Twitter with whom you're much closer. You and your Twitrades share a common bond (e.g. sports, your job, a hobby, etc.) and that bond is what unites you in every tweet you send each other. Twitterades are the first people you link when you Twitpic a photo, for example and you always suggest your Twitterades on follow friday so others follow.
- Since I joined Twitter, I have found a bunch of people who really like basketball. I love having my Twitrades around because my friends here hate sports!

- Did you watch the news about Obama?
- Yeah, my Twitrades told me all about it this morning!

- I've read Kanye's tweets. I bet Taylor Swift isn't one of his Tweetrades!!!!
by el patron himself November 14, 2010