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A twat that twitches, unprovoked, at random times throughout the day. Twitches can vary in duration, and intensity, and can be a source of extreme pleasure/discomfort to the owner of said twat.
Girl #1: Omigod, I cannot wait for class to be over.

Girl #2: Why? What's wrong.

Girl #1: Twitchy twat--I've had it all day.
by Jr Space Cadet April 11, 2009
A twitchy twat is to a woman, what a hard on is to a man. Just as a man's penis gets hard when he is aroused; a woman's clitoris may twitch (multiple times in some cases), in response to her own arousal. The twitch is often in response to that which has aroused the woman.
As two women are watching an erotic sex scene in a movie, one turns to the other and says, "Can you imagine , what it would be like to be in bed with that man?". The second one replies,"Are you kidding me? I am getting twitchy twat just watching him."
by Saish January 20, 2016
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